Director Joe Collier of Morrisville and Producer Enid Rosenblum of Hyde Park invite you to this gem from the world of comedy.  Oscar Wilde combined mistaken identity comedy with biting commentary of upper class manners and customs.  Its high farce and witty dialogue have helped make The Importance of Being Earnest Wilde’s most enduringly popular play!

        Jack Worthing, a seemingly responsible young man has invented a younger brother, named Ernest, a reprobate who gives Jack and excuse to leave his country estate to go to London, where he stays with Algernon Montcrieff, a close friend.  Algernon’s cousin, Gwendolyn Fairfax is the love interest of Jack.  While in London, Jack, going by Ernest, has won Gwendolyn’s heart, which is convenient as she has always dreamed of marrying someone with the name of Ernest, because the name “inspires absolute confidence.”  Gwendolyn’s mother, Lady Bracknell does not approve of the engagement when she finds out that Jack was found in a handbag in Victoria Station.  Jack and Gwendolyn despair as the only way to rectify this problem is for Jack to find one or both of his parents.


Director: Joe Collier
Producer: Enid Rosenblum
Set Designer: John Dunn
Lighting Designer:  Kenny Grenier
Costume Designer:  Carol Olsen
Stage Manager: Dorcas Jones
Props: Patty Jacob
Photography:  Robert Weiss

    Returning to his country manor, where he resides with Cecily Cardew, his ward and her teacher Miss Prism, Jack is displeased to discover that Algernon has come to visit assuming the identity of the fictitious Ernest.  Algernon becomes infatuated with young Cecily, who had secretly become enamored with the non-existent Ernest.  Soon, Gwendolyn arrives, followed shortly by Lady Bracknell and chaos erupts.  Eventually, Jack and Algernon’s true identities are reveal, and all seems lost until we discover Jack’s true identity, as Miss Prism is revealed to be the forgetful nurse who misplaced baby Jack in Victoria Station.  This comes as a happy tiding as Lady Bracknell reveals that Jack, whose Christian name is actually Ernest is the son of her sister, and thus Algernon’s older brother.  The play ends with the two couple and a surprise third couple in joyous embrace.

Cast List
Jack Worthing – Joe Hannon

Algernon Montcrieff – Noel Porter

Gwendolyn Fairfax – Blaize Hall

Cecily Cardew – Sydney Bard

Lady Bracknell – Karen Machia

Miss Prism – Karin Shearer

Dr. Chausable – Chris Sheltra

Lane – Brendan Peveril

Merriman – Tom Weeks