By Thornton Wilder

May 4-6 and 11-13
Fri-Sat, 7:00p   Sun, 2:00p
hyde park opera house

   The Skin of Our Teeth was produced on Broadway in 1942 and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1943. Written on the eve of WW2, it’s a vast symbolic play about all of humanity, as well as a compassionate look at the struggles of a single family. It’s about destruction and rebirth, about humanity’s endurance. It’s also, as a double narrative, the story of a theater company putting on a play, with actors who don’t understand the play, confer with the audience about not liking the play, and get food poisoning during the play. It’s a comedy, a social and political commentary, and a biblical epic. It’s got wonderful roles for women and men, as well as a dinosaur and a mammoth.

Cast list:

Perry Burnell                Sabina

Kris Johnson                Mr. Antrobus

Dvora Zipkin                Mrs. Antrobus

Brett Bashaw               Henry

Heather Vize-Willey     Gladys

Christine Grzebien      Fortune Teller/ T. Muse

Michael Smith              Fitzpatrick/Telegraph Boy/Announcer

David Smith                 Fed Bailey/Homer

Jack Manning              Tremayne/Doctor/Broadcast Official

Sujata Gautam             Hester/E. Muse

Camille Yarrow            Dinosaur/Ballet Dancer

Tim Yarrow                  Mammoth/Conventioner



Production Team

Karin Shearer

Enid Rosenblum

Stage Manager:
Dorcas Jones

Set Design:
Rick Loya

Carol Olsen, Tracey Morin

Lighting and Sound:
Gene Heinrich

Virginia Jenkins

Stage Crew:
Brian Marcoux