February 16 & 17, 1:00PM

Pride and Prejudice
By Jane Austen

May 3-5 and 10-12
Fri-Sat, 7:00p   Sun, 2:00p
hyde park opera house

Pride and Prejudice is a theatrical version of Jane Austen’s classic novel involving manners, courtship and relationships. Finding a husband is hardly Elizabeth Bennet's most urgent priority. But with four sisters, an overzealous match-making mother, and a string of unsuitable suitors, it's difficult to escape the subject. In this romantic comedy, the attraction between two characters triumphs over the pride of one, and the prejudice of the other.


  • Mr. Bennet (Father): A man of culture and taste, whose sense of humor has helped carry him through some twenty-five years of marriage. His manner of speaking varies from dry humor to elaborate sarcasm, yet he is devoted to the interests of his family.

  • Mrs. Bennet (Mother): Her main goal is to get her daughters married, and her only joys come from visiting and gossip. She is frivolous, irresponsible, and when things don’t go her way she takes refuge in imaginary ailments and complains of her “nerves”.

  • Jane (stage age: 22): The oldest daughter, considered quite pretty by all. She never thinks badly of anyone and honestly believes that people are better than they are. Although much under her mother’s thumb, she is by no means lacking in spirit.

  • Elizabeth (Lizzy, stage age: 20): A beauty who also has brains is more like her father than any of her sisters. She has a quick temper, is unaffected and sincere, and a certain fire and proud spirit that are part of her charm.

  • Mary (stage age: 18): Considered the plain one of the family, and is prepared to lecture on almost any subject. In contrast to all her sisters, she is, however, likeable. You are amused rather than annoyed by her.

  • Katherine (Kitty, stage age: 17): She is much under the domination of her irrepressible younger sister. She has an engaging giggle when there is fun, but, like her mother, she is inclined to whine when things do not please her.

  • Lydia (stage age: 15): Is utterly frivolous and irresponsible, and thinks of nothing but parties, officers, and clothes. She is not as beautiful as Jane or Elizabeth, but is pretty and pert, and could never imagine lacking a partner at a dance.

  • Lady Lucas: A good friend of Mrs. Bennet, although they are rivals at matchmaking, for Lady Lucas has a daughter to marry off. She has a pleasant and matter-of-fact manner.

  • Charlotte (stage age: 27): Lizzy’s special friend. Her manner is quiet and restrained and she is sweet and reasonable, though lacking somewhat in feminine charm. She does not dream of romance and is quite willing to be guided by her mother’s advice.

  • Mr. Bingley: He is the catch of the county, handsome, moderately rich, with charming manners that captivate everyone who meets him. He has eyes only for Jane from the moment he sees her. He is about twenty-three.

  • Miss Bingley: Is in her twenties, and very fashionably dressed. Her surface good manners scarcely conceal her contempt for provincial society. She is conceited and proud, and her chief concern is that her brother shall make a suitable match.

  • Mr. Darcy: He is a little older than Bingley, and a great deal richer. He is tall, handsome, and aristocratic in appearance, but his manner is cold and stiff. He is secretly just as much attracted by Elizabeth as Mr. Bingley is by Jane, but he is too intelligent not to recognize her mother’s lack of taste, and so resists her as long as he can.

  • Mr. Collins: He is a young clergyman, pompous and fussy, with absurdly formal manners, yet, he is extremely servile whenever to be so is to his advantage. He pays ridiculous court to Lizzy, but when he fears she may not help his “career”, he does not lose a moment in consoling himself elsewhere.

  • Mr. Wickham: He is a handsome young officer, and cuts a dashing figure in his smart uniform. He has undeniable charm and manners, but is not trustworthy or sincere.

  • Lady Catherine de Bourgh: A dowager type, expensively dressed, formidable, and superior in manner. When she walks, she sweeps; when she sits, it is as if she took her place on a throne, and expects everyone to scurry at her slightest command.

  • Hill: Hill is quiet, unobtrusive, and efficient. The part can be played as a manservant, or a servant girl in her teens, or as a quiet, repressed, elderly servant.



Production Team

Enid Rosenblum

Jan Bailey

Stage Manager:
Dorcas Jones

Carol Olson Tracey Morin

Patty Jacob

Set Design:
Rick Loya

Light Operator:
Brian Marcoux


* Attend either day

* Please bring your calendar with you to note schedule conflicts!

* Auditions start at 1:00pm SHARP

* No appointment necessary

* Wear clothes and shoes you can move in/dance in

* No need to bring prepared material; readings from the script will be used.  Visit this page for any updates in advance of auditions.  


*  Expect 3 (or more) rehearsals per week.

*  Not all cast members will be required to be at every rehearsal - we value your volunteer time!!


Elizabeth, Mr Darcy

Mr Bennet, Elizabeth, Kitty, Mary

Mr Bennet, Mrs Bennet, Elizabeth

Mr. Wickham, Elizabeth

Mrs Bennet, Mary, Elizabeth

Ms Bingley Mr Bingley Mr Darcy