Music By Mary Rodgers
Lyrics By Marshall Barer
Book By Jay Thompson, Dean Fuller, and Marshall Barer

Take a bit of Fractured Fairy Tales, add a healthy dollop of Spamalot, and you’ll have something that looks a lot like ONCE UPON A MATTRESS. Based on the classic tale of “The Princess and the Pea,” this show gives a new twist on an old story. As princess after princess has tried for the hand of the Prince, none has been able to meet his mother’s exacting standards. And since a law states nobody in the kingdom shall marry before the Prince does, everyone is eager to see that the next princess will pass the test.  This zany musical comedy promises to be great fun for all.


Director: Josh McDonald
Producer: Lindsay Reese
Music Director: Connie Cooney McDonald
Choreographer:  Nichole LeFaivre-Damon
Dance Captains: Taylor Brown & Tricia Grube
Tap Choreographer: Becky Raymond
Stage Manager: Dorcas Jones
Stage Crew: Dorcas Jones, Brian Marcoux
Costumers:  Joanne Puente, Valerie Valcour
Lighting Technicians: Kenny Grenier, Nick Allen, Katelyn Shaw
Set Design: Rick Loya
Set Construction: Rick Loya, John Duffy
Set Painting: Rick Loya, Jen Hubbard, Danielle Davis
Hair and Makeup:  Tricia Grube
House Manager: Gail Deuso

Patricia Jacob, Conductor
Jo Anne Edwards, Trumpet
Tom Lackey, Trombone
Kelly Daige, French Horn
Jane Lambert, Flute
Anthony Barrows, Clarinet
Joan Thompson, Cello
Joe Ciccolo, Guitar
Nick Allen, Bass
Makayla Jones, Drums
Abigail Stockman, Harp
Kay Meyer, Oboe
Paige Hamilton, Flute
Connie McDonald, Piano

ONCE UPON A MATTRESS is the show that made Carol Burnett a star!  Featuring Music by Mary Rodgers, Lyrics by Marshall Barer, and a Book by Jay Thompson, Dean Fuller and Marshall Barer.  

Cast List:
Princess Winifred   Dana LaClair
Prince Dauntless   AJ Banach
Lady Larken   Laura Valastro
Sir Harry   Joshua Baughn
Queen Aggravain   Roya Millard
King Sextimus   Chris Demars
The Minstrel   Stephen Whiteley
The Jester   Becky Raymond
The Wizard   Helen Leclair Jurnak    
Princess #12/Lady Ga Ga   Kaitlyn Jewett
Lady Rowena   Christine Grzebien
Lady Lucille   Athena Furioni
Lady Merrill   Katie Powell
Lady Mabelle   Jacqueline Bartlett
Lady Willow   Beth Carrier
Lady Gwyneth   Joanne Puente
Lady Marigold/Emily   Shannon DeSantis
Lady Rossa/Kitchen Wench/Nightingale   Jen Gaworecki
Lady Melody   Olive Grove-Griffith
Lady Aurora   Tricia Grube
Lady Blossom   Rhoda McClure
Lady Faerydae   Alicia Banach
Sir Ramsey   JC Allen
Sir Fontainebleu   Gregory Wells
Sir Alistair   Mariah Anderson
Sir Studley   Samuel Smith
Sir Luce   Bryon Schmidt