By Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman

 Three generations of the Sycamore family, along with some others who happened to stop in one day and never left, happily live together with complete abandonment of anyone’s expectations. They are a loving clan of eccentrics, each pursuing some fanciful endeavor, and whose values are different than those of society. They live their lives for joy, and happily pursue their hobbies and their bliss. When the youngest daughter becomes engaged to the son of a Wall Street banker, and he and his parents are invited for dinner, she worries that the two families won’t get along. The guests accidentally arrive on the wrong night and what follows gradually builds from serenity to insanity and explodes…literally!

Cast List:
Penelope (Penny) Sycamore  -  Karin Shearer
Essie -  Perry Burnell
Rheba -  Kelly Daige
Paul Sycamore -  Kris Johnson
Mr. De Pinna -  David Smith
Ed -  Brendan Peveril
Donald - Gene Heinrich
Martin (Grandpa) Vanderhof -  Chris Demars
Alice -  Sydney Bard
Tony Kirby -  Dean Burnell
Boris Kolenkhov -  Doug McGown
Gay Wellington -  Nancy MacDowell
Mr. Kirby -  D.J. Potter
Mrs. Kirby - Daphne Allen
Duchess Olga Katrina -  Jill Vize
G-Man -  Dyeanne Racette




Director: Enid Rosenblum
Producer: Jan Bailey
Production Assistant: Brendan Peveril
Set Design: Rick Loya
Lighting Design: LUHS Theater Tech Team
Costume Manager: Liz Spier
Stage Manager: Dorcas Jones
Properties:  Laurie Burnham, Patty Jacob