A Murder Mystery / Comedy in two acts
By Howard Voland
and Keith McGregor

Auditions: aUGUST 19-20 1pm

Hyde Park Opera House


Show Dates: NOV 10-12 AND 17-19
Fri-Sat, 7:00pm; Sun, 2:00pm


   Murder Inn is set in New England, at the Barnsley Inn, a dilapidated eighteenth century inn, which is supposedly haunted by Marco, a knife-throwing poltergeist.  A group of tourists, on a tour—Ghosts and Ghouls of New England—is forced, by a storm, to make an unscheduled stop at the Barnsley, which the locals have nicknamed “Murder Inn”. What looks to be an unpleasant and uncomfortable detour soon turns into a night of mayhem and madness as knives begin to pop up… some in the most unexpected places. As the storm builds and the body count rises, the survivors try to figure out “who done it”, and even more important—who’s likely to have it done to them next?

Character Descriptions:

NOTE:  Characters' ages listed are STAGE AGES
(i.e., actor need not be that age, just be able to pass in that range while on stage)

Jake Talbot
—(Mid to late 20’s) Son of the owner of the Barnsley Inn. A sturdy, no-nonsense young man; very congenial, but DON’T SPEAK ILL OF HIS MOTHER!!!!

*Martha Talbot
—(In her 50’s) Owner of the Barnsley; cantankerous and set in her ways.

*Agnes Tate
—“Middle Aged (40-50+)” Meddlesome, antagonistic, sarcastic, inconsiderate. Everyone’s murder victim of choice. Dressed expensively, but not in the best of

Carolyn Pickett
—(In her 20’s) Niece and long-suffering traveling companion for Agnes.

Ellen Halsey
—(Late 20’s to early 30’s) The tour guide, attractive and professional.

*Muriel Lampmann
— “Middle Aged (40-50+)”  A true believer in the occult. An airhead of sorts, but very sweet. Traveling alone.

*Patricia Simpson
—“Middle Aged (40-50+)” Reserved, nervous, always tense. Traveling alone.

Todd Currier
—(In his 20’s) Congenial and intelligent. He’s traveling with his father.

*Lawrence Currier
—(Mid to late 50’s) A college professor on sabbatical, doing research for a book. Widowed in the last couple of years. Distinguished and intellectual.

*Grace Sharp
—(60+) A retired school teacher; she’s petite and “fluffy,” and she looks helpless, which is by no means the case. Traveling with her longtime friend, Doris Brooks.

*Doris Brooks
—(60+) Retired nurse practitioner. Matter of fact and sarcastic. Traveling with Grace.

Donald Schultz
—(30-80) The van driver and participant in some of the night’s “activities”.

*Note: All the characters with an asterisk have a good bit of flexibility as to age, as long as they work as a group. Grace and Doris are older and wiser. Lawrence is of an age that Muriel, Patricia and Agnes would find attractive, especially since he is available. He also has to be old enough to be Todd’s father. Martha has to be old enough to have a son Jake’s age.


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Production Team

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*  Attend either day

*  Please bring your calendar with you to note schedule conflicts!

*  Auditions start at 1:00pm SHARP

*  No appointment necessary

*  Wear clothes and shoes you can move in/dance in

*  No need to bring prepared material; readings from the script will be used.  Visit this page for any updates in advance of auditions.  



*  Expect 3 rehearsals per week in Sept., and 3-4 rehearsals per week in October and leading up to the shows   

*  Expect 2-3 weeknight rehearsals and 1 weekend rehearsal per week.

*  Not all castmembers will be required to be at every rehearsal - we value your volunteer time!!