This is the stage version of one of the most loved Holiday movies ever, starring James Stewart, Donna Reed and Lionel Barrymore.  The movie (and stage play) is based on short story “The Greatest Gift” by Philip Van Doren Stern.  This stage version is adapted by Doug Rand.

Director:  Judith Mathison
Producer:  Terry Maurice
Set Designer:  Lauren Smith
Set Artists:  Lauren Smith, Shayna Bennett, Kim Anetsberger, Hillary Collier
Lighting Designer:  Frank Weston
Costumes:  Carol Loysen, Kayla Wisell, Abby Maurice, Paige Sizen, Terry Maurice
Stage Manager: Perry Burnell
Stage Crew:  Brian Marcoux, Kenny Grenier, Jonah Mathison-Regan, Julia Stanton
Hair/Makeup Consultant:  Kathleen Buckley
Properties:  Beth Carrier

Strange, isn't it? Each person's life touches so many other lives.  When they aren't around they leave an awful hole, don't they?

George Bailey learns an incredible lesson about all the lives he has touched, thanks to his guardian angel Clarence on Christmas Eve.


George Bailey - Mark Freeman
Mary Bailey - Taryn Noelle
Clarence - Chris Demars
Mr. Potter - Chuck Weger
Uncle Billy - Dean Burnell
Mrs. Bailey - Amena Smith
Pa Bailey - David Smith
Harry Bailey - Terry Jones
Annie - Carol Skiff Young
Frankie - Karin Shearer
Jo - Beth Carrier
Cousin Eustace / Mr. Martini / Mickey / Charlie - Tom Weeks
Cousin Tilly - Lindsay Reese
Violet Bick - Sydney Bard
Ernie - Doug Wiemer
Bert / Tollhouse Keeper / Bouncer - Joe Collier
Sam Wainwright - Matt Pierce
Young George / Pete Bailey - Aidan Lodge
Young Mary / Janie Bailey - Katie Mathison Regan
Young Harry / Tommy Bailey - Derick Cookson
Zuzu Bailey / Young Sam Wainwright - Elisabeth Fitzgerald
Young Violet / Mr. Martini’s daughter - Lila Dobson
Mr. Gower / Marty Hatch / Tom / Mr. Welch - Dale Brooks
Ruth Dakin Bailey / Jane Wainwright / Classmate - Abby Maurice
Flo / Edna / Horace / Mrs. Martini - Paige Sizen
Mr. Partridge / Dr. Campbell / Guy on Porch / Mrs. Hatch / Rent Collector / Bank Examiner - Dyeanne Racette
Randall / guy on date / Freddie / Potter’s Assistant / Nick / Board Member - Tommy Lockamy