Guys & Dolls (1951) is based on Damon Runyon’s colorful stories of New York City characters and is considered by many to be the perfect musical comedy.  A male chorus of gamblers, the Hot Box dancing girls, and a Salvation Army mission band highlight the action as two unlikely couples finally find happiness together.


Director/Music Director: Patricia Jacob
Producer: Tess Martin
Choreographers: Reinita Arnold and Nicki LeFaivre
Accompanist: Julie Mingledorf Anderson
Set Design: Rick Loya
Set Painting: Rick Loya, Lauren Smith, Jennifer Hubbard Lighting Designer:  Thomas Edgerton
Costume Manager:  Cynthia Little
Costume Construction:  Laura Sizen
Stage Manager: Dorcas Jones
Props: Amy Accles
Production Assistant: Gail Deuso
Conductor: Patricia Jacob
Piano: Julie Mingledorf Anderson
Flute: Leah Wilhjelm, Chelsea Lanphear
Clarinet:  Clare Salerno
Saxophone: Gary Waring
Trumpet: JoAnne Edwards
French Horn: Kelly Daige
Trombone:  Randy Wheeler, Tom Lackey
Cello: Joan Thompson
String Bass:  Carrie Cook
Percussion: Ricky Wetherell

Sarah Brown - Abby Maurice
Sky Masterson - Dan Martin
Miss Adelaide - Taryn Noelle
Nathan Detroit - Dom LaPorte
Nicely-Nicely Johnson - Doug McGown
Arvide Abernathy - Chuck Weger
Lieutenant Branigan - Tom Weeks
General Matilda B. Cartwright - Beth Carrier

Hot Box Dancers:
Heather Manning
Kim Anetsberger
Natalie Martin
Sydney Bard
Taylor Brown
Jacqueline Bartlett
Brittany Newland
Paige Sizen

Benny Southstreet - Dean Burnell
Rusty Charlie - Stephen Whiteley
Harry the Horse - Joe Collier
Big Jule - Frank Kehoe
Angie the Ox - Dale Brooks
Society Max - Greg Wells
Liver Lips Louie - Quinn McKusick
The Greek - Ryan Buckley
Brandy Bottle Bates - Joe Hannon
Scranton Slim - Thomas Edgerton

The Save-A-Soul Mission Band:
Calvin - David Coffee
Wesley - Josh McDonald
Agatha - Elizabeth Rouse
Martha - Donna Wescom
Ruth - Brittany McLure
Naomi - Lindsay Reese

Mariah Anderson
Melissa Chase

Tommy Lockamy
Hank Race