By Matthew Barber

From the novel by Elizabeth von Arnim

May 5-7 and 12-14

Hyde Park Opera House

Fridays-Saturdays, 7:00pm. 
Sundays, 2:00pm


   Two proper British ladies impulsively decide to rent a villa in Italy for a holiday away from their bleak marriages. Short of funds they reluctantly recruit two very different ladies, a prickly widow and a stunning socialite, to share the cost and experience.

Personalities clash, but soon they fall under the spell of the exotic, sun-drenched surroundings, and begin to bloom in ways they never could have imagined. Amid the sunshine and flowers they come to grips with their lives and relationships, learn new truths about themselves, and re-discover laughter and the joys of living.

If the same transformation can be worked on the husbands and lovers who unexpectedly arrive at the heavenly retreat, the enchantment will be complete.

Don't miss your chance to see "a witty and insightful tale of relationships, transformations, renewal, and laughter."

Cast List

Lotty Wilton -  Perry Burnell
Mellersh Wilton  -  Dean Burnell
Rose Arnott -  Casey Dearborn
Frederick Arnott  -  John Dunn
Caroline Bramble  -  Sydney Bard
Mrs. Graves  -  Karin Shearer
Antony Wilding  -  Kris Johnson
Costanza  -  Tess Martin


Production Team

Enid Rosenblum

Gene Heinrich

Production Assistant:  Dyeanne Racette

Stage Manager:  Dorcas Jones

Stage Crew:  Kelly Daige

Set Design:  Rick Loya

Costumer:  Valerie Valcour

Set Painting:  Rick Loya, Lauren Smith

Lighting Design: Jack Von Behren

Lighting Tech: Gene Heinrich