Damn Yankees tells the story of Joe Boyd, a middle-aged baseball fanatic who would do anything to see his beloved Washington Senators win.  He's so desperate for the Senators to win, that he sells his soul to the Devil (Mr. Applegate) for the chance to become the greatest ballplayer in the world (Joe Hardy!) and to lead the Senators out of the cellar into a pennant race with their arch-rivals, the New York Yankees. Applegate, not taking any chances with this soul, enlists the help of his top vixen, Lola, to tempt Joe to remain forever young.  Will Joe be able to outwit Applegate?  Will he return to the wife and life he left behind?  Will the Senators be able to clinch the pennant if he goes?  Will YOU want to come see this light, funny and FUN musical, featuring “(You Gotta Have) Heart” and “Whatever Lola Wants”?   


Director: Dean Burnell
Music Director: Kelly Daige
Producer: Mort Butler
Choreographer: Abby Maurice
Accompanist:  Shaun Booher
Stage Manager: Perry Burnell
Set Designer: Rick Loya
Costumer: Kayla Wisell
Props:  Rachel Haskins
Lighting Design: Thomas Edgerton
Photography:  Kip Ross


MEG BOYD Lindsay Reese
JOE BOYDChuck Weger
jOE HARDYAltan Cross
MR. APPLEGATE Chris Demars
LOLATaylor Brown
THE WASHINGTON SENATORSJoe Collier, Rob Weiss, Doug Wiemer, Ryan Buckley, Hank Race, Quinn McKusick, Daniel Russell, Griffin Cunningham
GLORIA THORPEDanielle Godjikian
THE BEAT REPORTERSPaige Sizen, Denise Limoge, Kaitlyn Jewett, Kim Anetsberger, Silvia Fermin, Jacqueline Bartlett, Haleigh West, Taylor Cammer, Donna Lee Wescom
SISTERDyeanne Racette
DORISKim Anetsberger
WELCHDavid Smith
WELCH’S SECRETARY     Heather Manning
HUSBANDSJoe Collier, Rob Weiss, Doug Wiemer, Ryan Buckley
WIVESDenise Limoge, Kim Anetsberger, Jacqueline Bartlett, Taylor Cammer
PATIENTSDoug Wiemer, Hank Race, Quinn McKusick, Daniel Russell
NURSESPaige Sizen, Kaitlyn Jewett, Silvia Fermin, Haleigh West, Jacqueline Bartlett