Lyrics by FRED EBB
Original Book and Concept by PETER STONE
Additional Lyrics by JOHN KANDER and RUPERT HOLMES

A fun, madcap, one-of-a-kind show, Curtains is a musical-murder-mystery-comedy!  Plus, it also manages to send-up the crazy world of theater at the same time!  An entertaining and charming musical from Kander & Ebb (Cabaret, Chicago).

Set in 1959 Boston, Massachusetts our show follows the fallout when the supremely untalented star Jessica Cranshaw of “Robbin' Hood of the Old West” is murdered during her opening night curtain call. It is up to Lt. Frank Cioffi, a police detective (who happens to be a huge musical theater fan) to save the show, solve the case, and maybe even find love before the show reopens, without getting killed himself!  Mayhem, madness, murder and musical theatre come together from the team that has captured Broadway's heart with phenomenal success in the original works and revivals of Cabaret and Chicago.


Director:  Frank Weston
Music Director: Glory Douglass Reinstein
Producer: Bruce Finney
Choreographer:  Taryn Colby
Stage Manager: Bruce Finney
Accompanist: Shaun Booher
Set & Scenic Design: Lauren Smith
Costume Design: Karen Blanchard Smith
Lighting Design: LUHS Theater Tech Team
Hair & Makeup Design: Kim Anetsberger
Properties: Daphne Allen

The bigger than life characters include Carmen Bernstein the cold-hearted producer of our show, her daughter Elaine (also known as Bambi), the overly theatrical director Christopher Belling, and the songwriting team of Aaron Fox and Georgia Hendricks (the ultimate understudy).  

The show-within-the-show has great numbers like Kansasland, Thataway, and In the Same Boat.  In between those scenes are hilarious songs about the zanyworld of theatre, such as Show People, It’s a Business and What Kind of Man.  The murder mystery angle of the story gets its own songs, too:  The Woman‘s Dead, He Did It, and more!  

Cast List
Lt. Frank Cioffi - Dean Burnell
Niki Harris - Michelle Sawyer-Houle
Georgia Hendricks - Kristin Silverman
Aaron Fox - Eric R. Hill
Carmen Bernstein - Amena Smith
Oscar Shapiro - Clem Turmel
Christopher Belling - Kris Johnson
Bambi Bernet - Casey Dearborn
Sidney Bernstein - Tom Weeks
Joan Harmon - Hope Sturtevant
Daryl Grady - Jeff Wallin
Bobby Pepper - Sam Lewis
Randy Dexter - Chris Martens
Harv Fremont - Gene Heinrich
Jessica Cranshaw - Joanne Harnois
Sasha Iljinksy - Glory Douglass Reinstein
Mariah Anderson
Kim Anetsberger
Beth Carrier
George Harnois
Joanne Harnois
Kimberley Harnois
Kristine Hendon
Eileen Paus
Dyeanne Racette
Karen Sherman Weeks
Tom Weeks
Donna Wescom