Director:  Frank Weston
Producer:  Bruce Finney
Music Director:  Kelly Daige
Choreographer:  Paige Sizen
Accompanist:  Shaun Booher
Stage Manager:  Bruce Finney
Assistant Stage Manager: Kris Johnson
Set Design:  Frank Weston, Bruce Finney
Scenic Design:  Lauren Smith
Costumer: Karen Blanchard
Assistant Costumer: Elise Limoge
Costume Builder: Laura Sizen
Set Engineer/Construction: Bruce Finney
Technical Assistant: Brian Marcoux
Lighting Design/Operator:  Frank Weston
Properties:  Kris Johnson
Hair/Makeup: Natalie Martin
House Manager:  Nick Lodge

Conductor: Kelly Daige
Keyboards: Shaun Booher
Guitar: Joe Ciccolo
Bass: Mike Hendon
Drums: Peter Guthmann
Sax: Gary Waring
Trombone: Tom Lackey
Cello: Joan Thompson
Flue: Leah Wilhelm

A satire done with the fondest affection for 1950s culture, this popular musical tells the story of an Elvis-Presley-type rock and roll star who is about to go into the Army and the nation-wide swooning that ensues.

Albert Peterson - Chris Sheltra
Rosie Alvarez - Michelle Sawyer-Houle
Conrad Birdie - Kevin Kehoe
Kim MacAfee - Sarah Espey
Harry MacAfee - Chuck Weger
Doris MacAfee - Elisabeth McAlarney
Randolph MacAfee - Aidan Lodge
Mrs. Mae Peterson - Amena Smith
Hugo Peobody - Owen Leavey
Ursela Merkel - Jacqueline Bartlett
Mrs. Merkel - Donna Wescom
Mayor - Dan Martin
Mayor’s Wife - Terry Maurice
Mr. Maude - Joe Collier
Mr. Johnson - Dougie Wiemer
Gloria Rasputin - Paige Sizen
Helen - Emma Lodge
Nancy - Katelyn Shaw
Alice - Melissa Chase
Margie - Audrey Teague
Penelope Ann - Joanne Harnois
Suzie - Tricia Grube
Deborah Sue - Mia Angione
Harvey Johnson - Michael McLure
Freddie - Henry Race
Carl - Tommy Lockamy
Ensemble -
Hailee Anetsberger
Tarri Bergazzi
Emma Grove-Griffith
George Harnois
Kristine Hendon
Denise Limoge
Veronique Limoge Bartlett
Jack Manning
Payton Verzilli