Book & Lyrics By Alan Jay Lerner
Music By Frederick Loewe
Original dances created by Agnes DeMille

July 20-23 and 27-30
Thurs-Sat, 7pm; sun, 2pm
hyde park opera house

  A most delightful musical, Brigadoon is a beloved Scottish fantasy about a town that disappears into the Highland mist, returning for only one day every one hundred years. A tribute to simplicity and true love! .

Brigadoon is set in Scotland in about 1752. It miraculously arises from the mist for one day every 100 years.  Two American hunters, Tommy and Jeff, arrive on the scene just in time for the 20th Century's day. 

Cast list

Andrew MacLaren - Richard Shanley
Angus MacGregor- Lucas Holmes
Archie Beaton - Tom Anastasio - concertina
Charlie Dalrymple - Henry Race
Fiona MacLaren - Holly Biracree
Harry Beaton - Forrest Nutter
Jane Ashton - Walker Hartt
Jean MacLaren - Olivia Sheppard
Jeff Douglass - Josh McDonald
Kate - Bre Valdez
Meg Brockie - Katelyn Shaw
Mr. Lundie - Bob Piotrowski
Mrs. Dalrymple - Lyndall Heyer - recorder
Tommy Albright - Duncan Nutter
Maggie - Anna Sargent
Sandy MacDonald - Hugo Murray

Ensemble -
Donna Wescom
Beth Carrier
Elizabeth Rouse
Kayla Tornello
Gina Jenkins - recorder
Valerie Valcour
Kayla Grenier
Kevin Couture
Clayton Sargent
Shannon DeSantis - fiddler
Helen Jurnak
Andrea  Peden
Carol Stone
Linda Haines - Bagpiper
Jeff Wallin



Production Team

Patricia Jacob

Tess Romeo Martin

Nichole Lefaivre-Damon