A Play by Garson Kanin

   Harry Brock, a loud-mouthed and corrupt junk dealer tycoon has come to Washington, D.C. to manipulate legislation of a crooked deal. He has brought along his long-time girl friend, Billie Dawn, a dim-witted and un-educated ex-chorus girl. Brock worries that Billie’s lack of social graces will embarrass him and hires a magazine journalist to tutor his “dumb broad” to fit in with Washington society. Contrary to Brock’s plan, Billie proves herself an unexpectedly apt pupil as she is learning how and what to read and even, vaguely, how to think. 


Director: Enid Rosenblum
Asst. Director: Jan Bailey
Producer: Beth Carrier
Stage Manager: Dorcas Jones
Set Designer: Rick Loya
Costumer: Carol Olsen
Asst. Costumer: Terry Maurice
Lighting Design and Technicians: Jack von Behren and LUHS Crew
Production Asst.: Laurie Burnham

      Written by one of America’s outstanding playwrights, Born Yesterday is a brilliant comedy. Its strength lies in a smart and well-written script with a strong and intricate story of politics and emotions that is supported by characters of varied and vivid personalities. It is more than comedic entertainment, gently offering attitudes about ethical behavior, the value of learning and knowledge, human relationships, and self-worth. Further, it is a casually cynical take on American politics, and deals struck by greedy entrepreneurs. Although it is set in 1946 after World War II, we cannot help but notice its comical relevance to political manipulations of power behind the scenes, corruption, bribery, and whistle-blowing in today’s D.C. ☺

Harry Brock   Doug McGown
Billie Dawn   Kristin Silverman
Ed Devery   Vince Rossano
Paul Verrall   Chris Sheltra
Eddie Brock   Chris Demars
Senator Hedges   John Dunn
Mrs. Hedges   Daphne Allen
Helen   Karin Shearer
Bellhop   Tommy Lockamy
Hotel Manager/Barber   Tom Weeks