Book by Michael Stewart
Music and Lyrics by Jerry Herman

Based on the play “The Matchmaker” by Thornton Wilder

MaRch 10-11 1pm
hyde park opera house

Show Dates: JULy 19-22 and 26-29
THURS-Sat, 7:00p; Sun, 2:00p

  HELLO, DOLLY!, the blockbuster Broadway hit, bursts with humor, romance, high-energy dancing, and some of the greatest songs in musical theater history. The romantic and comic exploits of Dolly Gallagher-Levi, turn-of-the-century matchmaker and “woman who arranges things,” are certain to thrill and entertain audiences again and again.

Show Synopsis
Act I

At the end of the 19th century, widowed but brassy Dolly Gallagher-Levi is in New York City, making a living through matchmaking and meddling. She is supposedly seeking a wife for grumpy Horace Vandergelder, the well-known half-a-millionaire, but Dolly intends to marry Horace herself. "Call On Dolly"

Ambrose Kemper, a young artist, wants to marry Horace's weepy niece Ermengarde, but Horace is opposed to Ambrose's vocation, as painting cannot guarantee a steady living. Ambrose enlists Mrs. Levi’s help and she shows up in Yonkers, New York to visit Vandergelder's Hay and Feed store. "I Put My Hand In"

Horace explains to his two clerks, Cornelius Hackl and Barnaby Tucker, that he needs to get married because he is tired of doing household chores. He is planning to propose to the widowed milliner, Irene Molloy, in New York City. "It Takes a Woman"

Dolly mentions that Irene's first husband might not have died of natural causes, while dropping hints about an heiress, Ernestina Money, who may be interested in Horace. Still, Horace leaves for New York City and leaves Cornelius and Barnaby to run the store. Cornelius decides that he and Barnaby should also travel to Manhattan, have a good meal, spend all their money, and each try to kiss a girl. Dolly tells Cornelius to call on two ladies she happens to know, Irene Molloy and her shop assistant, Minnie Fay. Dolly also tells Ermengarde and Ambrose that she'll enter them in a polka competition at the upscale Harmonia Gardens Restaurant so that Ambrose can demonstrate his ability to be a breadwinner. "Put On Your Sunday Clothes"

Although Irene Molloy doesn’t love Horace, she wants a husband. "Ribbons Down My Back"

Cornelius and Barnaby arrive at the shop and pretend to be rich, but when Horace and Dolly walk in the door, the two shop clerks hide from him. Dolly explains that Cornelius is Horace's clerk by day and a New York playboy by night. Minnie screams when she finds Cornelius hiding in the armoire, and Dolly and Irene must distract Horace with patriotic sentiments. "Motherhood March"

Cornelius sneezes and Horace storms out, without realizing that his clerks are hiding in the hat shop. Dolly arranges for Cornelius and Barnaby to take Irene and Minnie out to dinner, and teaches the two clerks how to dance. "Dancing"

Cornelius, Irene, Barnaby, and Minnie leave to watch a parade, while Dolly requests permission from her dear, departed husband to move on with life. "Before the Parade Passes By"

Dolly convinces Horace to give her matchmaking one more chance. She tells him that Ernestina Money would be perfect for him and asks him to meet her at the swanky Harmonia Gardens that evening.

Act II

Cornelius and Barnaby are almost out of money, and tell Irene and Minnie that they should walk to the restaurant instead of riding in a carriage. "Elegance"

Rudolph, the head waiter at the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant, is preparing his crew for Dolly’s return. "The Waiters' Gallop"

Ernestina Money arrives for her date with Horace, but she is neither rich, nor elegant. She seems bored with Horace, and leaves him alone at the dinner table, just as Dolly instructed. Cornelius and Barnaby, unaware that Horace is also dining at the restaurant, grow increasingly anxious about the expensive items that Irene and Minnie continue to order, as they have less than a dollar to spend. Dolly makes her triumphant return to the Harmonia Gardens and is greeted in style. "Hello, Dolly!"

Dolly takes Ernestina’s empty seat, eats all the food, and tells the exasperated Horace that she will not marry him. Barnaby and Horace hail waiters at the same time, and in the ensuing confusion, they switch wallets. Barnaby is delighted that he can pay the restaurant bill, but Horace finds himself left with spare change. Cornelius, Irene, Barnaby and Minnie try to sneak out of the Harmonia Gardens, but they are recognized, along with Ermengarde and Ambrose. "The Polka Contest"

Everyone ends up in night court, where Cornelius and Barnaby confess, then declare their love for Irene and Minnie. Dolly convinces the judge that their only crime was being in love. “It Only Takes A Moment”

Although the judge finds everyone else innocent and clears them of all charges, Horace is declared guilty and forced to pay damages. Dolly mentions marriage again, but Horace declares that he wouldn't marry her if she were the last woman in the world. Dolly angrily bids him goodbye. "So Long, Dearie"

A chastened Horace Vandergelder finally admits that he needs Dolly Gallagher-Levi in his life, and she promises to... "Never Go Away Again"

Character Descriptions:

NOTE:  The age listed is the character's STAGE AGE.
(i.e., actor need not be that age, just be able to pass in that range while on stage)

Dolly Levi-Gallagher (F, 40+) Vocal Range: Flexible! Dance Ability: Some. Character Description: Matchmaker, widow, meddler, opportunist, life-loving, commanding, strong stage presence

Horace Vandergelder (M, 40+) Vocal Range: Baritone. Dance Ability: Some. Character Description: Well-known half-a-millionaire, widower, owns the Feed Store, gruff, set in his ways, authoritative

Cornelius Hackl (M, 25-35) Vocal Range: Baritone. Dance Ability: Strong. Character Description: Head clerk at the Feed Store, energetic, enthusiastic, and adventurous.

Barnaby Tucker (M, Late Teens) Vocal Range: Baritone. Dance Ability: Strong. Character Description: Assistant to Cornelius at the Feed Store, naïve, energized, follower.

Irene Molloy (F, 25-35) Vocal Range: Soprano. Dance Ability: Strong. Character Description: Owns the Hat Shop, widow, beautiful, smart, fun-loving.

Minnie Fay (F, Late Teens) Vocal Range: Mezzo. Dance Ability: Strong. Character Description: Irene’s assistant, naïve, straight-laced, fresh, follower.

Ambrose Kemper (M, Late Teens) Vocal Range: Tenor. Dance Ability: Strong. Character Description: Struggling artist, good-natured, accommodating, wants to marry Ermengarde.

Ermengarde Vandergelder (F, Late Teens) Vocal Range: Any. Dance Ability: Strong. Character Description: Horace’s niece, whining, high-strung, wants to marry Ambrose.

Ernestina Money (F, 30+) Vocal Range: Any. Dance Ability: None. Character Description: Accommodating, good-time girl.

Rudolph Reisenweber (M, 50+) Vocal Range: Bass. Dance Ability: Some. Character Description: Maitre d' of the Harmonia Gardens, must have impeccable comic timing.

8-14 Chorus Members (F/M, 10+) Vocal Range: All. Dance Ability: Any ability level - all that's required is the commitment to try!


Any questions about the show or about auditions?  Any conflicts with the audition times? Contact Director Danielle Davis at kochanski42@yahoo.com


Production Team

Danielle Sara Davis

Music Director:
Dana LaClair

Taryn Colby

Asst. Music Director:
Kenny Grenier

Chris Demars


*  Attend either day

*  Please bring your calendar with you to note schedule conflicts!

*  Please arrive between 12:30 and 1:00pm to fill out paperwork. Auditions start at 1:00pm SHARP

*  No appointment necessary

*  Wear clothes and shoes you can move in/are comfortable in/can dance in

*  No need to bring prepared material; vocal and dance audition pieces will be taught at auditions in workshops, and readings from the script will be used.  SEE BELOW for audition material to review in advance.  

Notes about vocal auditions:

*  Anyone trying out for a lead role must sing the listed song. 
*  Other character parts (for example, Barnaby, Ambrose, Ermengarde, etc) can choose from the songs listed.
*  Those trying out for Ernestina should come prepared to sing an entire verse of any song a cappella, badly and off key.
*  Ensemble members can also choose to sing one of the lead parts instead of "Sunday Clothes" if they'd prefer.
*  In addition to the vocal selection, everyone will be asked to sing a scale.



*  Expect 3 rehearsals per week in April and May, and 3-4 rehearsals per week in June and July, leading up to the shows. 

*  Expect 2-3 weeknight rehearsals and 1 weekend rehearsal per week.

*  Not all castmembers will be required to be at every rehearsal - we value your volunteer time!!


Vocal Audition Material







If you have additional questions about the vocal audition material, please email Music Director Dana LaClair at dthomas0712@gmail.com