July 6 & 7, 1:00PM

Arsenic and Old Lace
by Joseph Kesselring

October 4-6 and 11-13
Fri-Sat, 7:00p   Sun, 2:00p
hyde park opera house

After over three quarters of a century as America’s favorite gothic farce, Arsenic and Old Lace continues to sparkle with sweet little old ladies ladling out arsenic-spiced blackberry wine to lonely and elderly boarders, a touch of romance challenged by justifiable fears of inherited family insanity, plenty of word play and dramatic irony, and boodles of bodies buried in the basement.


  • Abby Brewster: A sweet caring old lady who is loved by all. She has a Victorian charm and grace about her. Very old-fashioned in an ironic way. (Stage age: 55-75)

  • Martha Brewster: Just as sweet, caring and loved as her sister Abby, with the same Victorian flair and grace ...although she always keeps her neck covered for some reason. (Stage age: 55-75)

  • Mortimer Brewster: A young theater critique who has a bunch of crazy people in his family tree. He himself is afraid of becoming crazy as well as what may happen if people find out about the skeletons in his families cellar. (Stage age: 25-30)

  • Teddy Brewster: A bit on the crazy side; Teddy Brewster thinks that he is president teddy Roosevelt. He buries all of Martha and Abby's "gentlemen" in the basement. (25-35)

  • Jonathan Brewster: He was troubled as a child and is even more so as an adult. He has escaped from a mental institution and has murdered multiple people. In order to hide from the law Johnny has had to turn to plastic surgery to alter his face, leaving him disfigured. (Stage age: 30-40)

  • Elaine Harper: A sweet young lady who knows what she wants. She is in love with Mortimer and she is not about to let him talk her out of their engagement. (Stage age: 18-25)

  • Dr. Einstein: A plastic surgeon who is often drinking. He has also escaped from a mental institution. He has a German accent (stage age: 30-50)

  • The Rev. Dr. Harper: A protective father to Elaine. (Stage age: 40-60)

  • Mr. Gibbs: A nice elderly man who lives alone and has no family. (Stage age: 60-70)

  • Mr. Witherspoon: Superintendent of Happy Dale sanitarium. (Stage age: 40-60)

  • Officer O'Hera: An officer who doesn't really want to be an officer. He wants to write plays and is eager to tell the renowned critique Mortimer about his plot. He's not very good at reading the room or knowing when now is not a good time. (Stage age: 20- 40)

  • Officer Brophy: An officer of the law who is likable but maybe not the brightest man on the force. (Stage age: 20-40) (Stage age: This character may be male or female.)

  • Officer Klein: Another officer of the law who is likable but maybe not the brightest man on the force. (Stage age: 20-40; this character may be male or female.)

  • Lieutenant Rooney: All bronze and no brain. An officer of the law. (Stage age: 20-40; this character may be male or female.)

  • Possibly of playing a corpse if given circumstances allow! Fun!



Production Team

Heather Vize-Willey

Kris Johnson

Stage Manager:
Kris Johnson

Set Design:
Lighting and Sound:
Stage Crew:


* Attend either day

* Please bring your calendar with you to note schedule conflicts!

* Auditions start at 1:00pm SHARP

* No appointment necessary

* Wear clothes and shoes you can move in/dance in

* No need to bring prepared material; readings from the script will be used.  Visit this page for any updates in advance of auditions.  


*  Expect 3 (or more) rehearsals per week.

*  Not all cast members will be required to be at every rehearsal - we value your volunteer time!!