Inspired by and featuring the songs of ELVIS PRESLEY ®


JUN 23-24 1pm
hyde park opera house

Show Dates: SEPT 27-30 and OCT 4-7
THURS-Sat, 7:00p; Sun, 2:00p

  Inspired by and featuring the songs of Elvis Presley.  It’s 1955, and into a square little town in a square little state rides a guitar-playing young man who changes everything and everyone he meets in this hip-swiveling, lip-curling musical fantasy that’ll have you jumpin’ out of your blue suede shoes with such classics as “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and “Don’t Be Cruel.”

All Shook Up takes place in a twenty-four hour period during the summer of 1955.  It's set in a small, you-never-heard-of-it town somewhere in the Midwest.  The town is divided along class lines: the haves, and the have-nots.  Lorraine and Dean fall controversially in love; she is from "the wrong side of the tracks."  Four other couples (all the principals) also fall in love...but with whom?

CHARACTERS with Vocal Range and Stage Age (i.e., actor need not be that age, just be able to pass in that range while on stage)

Natalie Haller 20's, Alto or mezzo-soprano.   A young woman and an excellent mechanic; much more at home in greasy overalls than in a dress.  She spends most of Act Two disguised as "Ed" to get the attention of the man she loves.  Six big solos; backup and minor solos in other numbers

Sylvia 40's - 50's, Alto or mezzo-soprano.    The no-nonsense owner of Sylvia's Honky-Tonk, the local bar.  Three big solos.

Lorraine 16 - 18, alto or mezzo-soprano.   Sylvia's teenage daughter.  Pretty, smart and hopelessly romantic.  Four big solos.

Miss Sandra 25 - 35, alto or mezzo-soprano.  The beautiful, snobbishly intellectual caretaker of the town's museum.  Two big solos.

Mayor Matilda Hyde 40's - 50's, soprano.   The town's ultra-conservative, judgmental  mayor.  Bullies her son and the Sheriff.  Eventually bursts into an impressive version of "Devil in Disguise," her big solo.

Chad 20's, high baritone or tenor.   A great-lookin', motorcyclin', guitar-playin', leather-jacketed roustabout (the Elvis-like character.)  Does not actually have to play guitar.  Ten big numbers; backups on others.

Jim Haller 40's - 50's, baritone.   Natalie's widowed father.  Middle-aged, messy and very, very square; he still longs for his wife.  Four numbers with solos and duets.

Dennis 20's, high baritone or tenor.   An awkward young man, aspiring to be a dentist.  Secretly in love with Natalie, and serves as Chad's hapless sidekick.  One big ballad, backups and one-liners on 3 - 4 other numbers.

Dean Hyde 16 - 18, high baritone or tenor.   The Mayor's teenage son, headed back to military school.  Never disobeys his mother...until he meets Lorraine.  Two big duet numbers.

Sheriff Earl 40's - 50's, baritone.   The Law in town; loyally following the Mayor wherever she goes.  He never speaks until the final scene.  Two one-line solos in the final scene. Only participates (singing/dancing/moving) in the final four numbers.

Male and Female Ensemble Members:  play an assortment of Townspeople and will be expected to sing, dance and move as part of the ensemble.  Seventeen numbers call for ensemble members.  There are opportunities for Featured Dancers, and Featured Solos within the ensemble.  Not everyone will be in every number, but there is plenty of ensemble work.



Jailhouse Rock                                      Chad, Inmates (featured singers/dancers)

Heartbreak Hotel                               Sylvia, Dennis, Lorraine, Jim, Natalie, featured Barflies (singers)

Roustabout                                             Chad

One Night With You                           Natalie

C'Mon Everybody                                 Chad, Natalie, Dennis, Townspeople (except Matilda, Earl & Dean)

Follow That Dream                            Chad, Natalie

Hound Dog/Teddy Bear                                     Chad, Sandra, Dennis, Natalie

That's All Right                                      Chad, Lorraine, Sylvia, featured Barflies (singing/dancing)

It's Now or Never                                 Dean, Lorraine, Bus Driver & Passengers (singing)

Love Me Tender                                   Chad, Natalie

Blue Suede Shoes                               Ed (aka Natalie), Chad, featured singers/dancers

Don't Be Cruel                                       Chad, Jim

Let Yourself Go                                     Sandra, Museum Statues (featured singers/movers)

Can't Help Falling in Love              Company


All Shook Up                                            Chad, Company (singing/dancing/moving)

It Hurts Me                                              Dennis, Ensemble (singers)

A Little Less Conversation            Ed (aka Natalie), Chad (just moving), featured backup singers/movers

The Power of My Love                      Jim, Chad, Sandra

I Don't Want To                                                       Chad

Devil in Disguise                                  Matilda, Angelettes (featured singers/dancers), Chad (just dancing/moving), Devilettes (featured singers/dancers)

There's Always Me                             Sylvia

If I Can Dream                                        Chad, Lorraine, Dean, Ensemble (singing)

Can't Help Falling in Love (Rep.)  Earl, Jim, Sylvia, Matilda, Ensemble (singing)

Fools Fall in Love                                 Natalie, Company (singing)

Burnin' Love                                            Chad, Principal Soloists, Company (singing/dancing/moving)

C'mon Everybody Encore                Company (singing/dancing/moving)


Production Team

Director & Music Director:
Patricia Jacob

Helen Jurnak and Andrea Peden

Anna Sargent



*  Attend either day

*  Please bring your calendar with you to note schedule conflicts!

*  Please arrive between 12:30 and 1:00pm to fill out paperwork. Auditions start at 1:00pm SHARP

*  No appointment necessary

*  Wear clothes and shoes you can move in/are comfortable in/can dance in

*  No need to bring prepared material; vocal and dance audition pieces will be taught at auditions in workshops, and readings from the script will be used.  Visit this page for any updates in advance of auditions.  


*  Details TBA

*  Not all castmembers will be required to be at every rehearsal - we value your volunteer time!!